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March 9, 2016

Style Paws Melbourne Fashion Blog

So after what feels like the longest – yet shortest – hiatus of all time, here I am providing an update on everything Style Paws. For the two of you who may keep up to date with my life, I’m sure Instagram has filled you in, but regardless, a new year (um, hello March) means I am raring and ready to get back on this fashion blog bandwagon. Good habits die hard, or something.

“What have you been up to?” I hear absolutely nobody ask. That’s a great question. I quit my fun full-time job, started a business, and have been hustling like a crazy woman ever since. I’ve been contributing to the amazing website The Cusp, sponsoring things like the Melbourne Business Awards and spending a lot of time on LinkedIn. Is it exhausting? Yes. Am I happy? Superbly!

Why the change?

Well, honestly, it’s been on the cards since – forever. And I started to get itchy feet towards the mid-later half of 2015, where whilst working away in Priceline’s marketing team was fun – it certainly wasn’t what I intended on doing for the rest of my entire life. I longed for freedom, flexible hours and the ability to talk to my cat Indi all day. Why use up all your creativity energy, your enthusiasm, your mental capacity… on someone else’s dream? I certainly didn’t want to live the corporate life forever. So, I thought I’d register a business name, get a website up, start putting the feelers out there and before I knew it, I had been offered a client that would definitely need more love than I could offer whilst still working full-time. So I resigned! Voila, here we are today. A few more clients later, I’m certainly not living the high life (businesses = expensive) but I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

Which now means.. I have more time to focus on other projects I love – like my poor, neglected Style Paws. So hello there, it’s nice to be back!

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November 14, 2015

Style Paws Festival Fashion Boohoo

{Top & Skirt – Boohoo; Boots – Tony Bianco; Hat – Bershka}

Summer to me means a lot of things; beers on rooftops, road trips down the peninsula, sleeping with the fan on, the scent of fake tan… and it also means festivals! And of course, one of my favourite things – festival fashion. So when Boohoo asked if I’d like to put together an ideal festival style outfit for their #WeAreUs campaign, I couldn’t stop at just one.

Here are two rather different festival style looks – one with a cliched boho look that I couldn’t resist because um, HELLO. LOOK AT THAT DRESS. I instantly fell in love with it’s 70s inspired print, deep V neckline and flared sleeves. The other is something a bit more casual, with an (again) vintage inspired A-line shape skirt with cute button up front, plus what must be the top of the moment – the off-shoulder gypsy blouse. And neither of these looks is relegated simply to the stomping grounds of a music festival, I will definitely be taking the dress out for a night on the town, and the denim ensemble is quickly becoming my new uniform.

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September 27, 2015


{This is a sponsored post from}

I’m not going to beat around the (flower) bush. This is a sponsored post from, which I giddily agreed to because ONLY HEARTLESS EVIL SICKO’S WOULD SAY NO TO FREE FLOWERS!!!

So yes, as a bit of background, are an Australian online florist who are primarily Sydney-based but who have started delivering to Melbourne (my town!) too. I ordered the “Florist’s Pick” bouquet ($69.95) because I wanted to see what exactly a florist would pick. In all honesty, I’m a bit of a flower snob. Whenever I have ordered flowers online for friends or colleagues, I’ve always googled “Boutique Designer Florist” because I think it’s worth paying a gazillion dollars for white netting, hessian and brown paper. <- Idiot.

I was pleasantly surprised when this enormous bouquet arrived at my desk – my work mates all wondered who had bought me flowers (um.. me?) and it did come wrapped in some pretty delightful wrapping (see my Instagram for proof). The ordering process was super easy and all went without a hitch. I had one enquiry, which I e-mailed through and received a response almost immediately.

The flowers themselves? Well whilst Gerberas are not my thing – and nor is red and purple (I like my flowers void of colour) – these have definitely brightened up the house immensely and had their fair share of oohing and ahhing from visitors. Would I order again? Yes. Have I reconsidered my stance on paying hundreds for designer bouquets? Yes, yes, yes.




September 14, 2015


{Zimmermann’s Spring 2016 RTW collection at NYFW, images from Fashion Journal}

I am literally frothing at the mouth over this collection. I’ve always admired homegrown label Zimmermann from afar, but this collection is making me feel dizzy in all the right ways.

When you have a budget like mine, making a thousand-dollar purchase generally requires a lot more thought than “Oh, I love it” – and is more along the lines of “OK, but what’s the cost per wear?”, “Will it last multiple seasons?”, “Will I wear it with everything in my wardrobe?” and “Can I manage to live on tinned tuna and rice for three months?”

However all sense and reason has officially left the building. Goodbye, there it goes. I want everything. I want it all now. This collection, in all its Victoriana on steroids glory, has got me weak at the knees.



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August 25, 2015


{Featuring my new Garmin with Jonathan Adler band}

I like to think of myself as a moderately active person. I hit the gym at least three times a week, and enjoy the occasional yoga or pilates class, mainly to combat the fact that my favourite past time in the universe is eating. Honestly.

So when I was approached to try out the Garmin Vivofit 2, I was pretty excited because a) you can now get cute Jonathan Adler collaboration bands (like the pink one pictured) and b) because I do work a standard 9-5 desk job, and I suspected I’m still not getting enough exercise in my week… much to my disappointment.

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