Style Paws H&M shirt and skirt Alexander Wang bag

{Shirt, Skirt & Jacket -  H&M Australia; Bag - Alexander Wang; Boots - Wittner; Watch - Michael Kors}

I recently started a new job and with it came the sudden realisation that absolutely nothing I owned was suitable for the work environment. Slight exaggeration. However having previously worked in the world’s most casual studio, it was a pleasant surprise to realise that some casual pieces can really translate well into Office Mode. Did this stop me from rushing out to Zara and Witchery et al for “emergency supplies”? Of course not! I’m never going to turn down an excuse to shop…

Anyway, that little anecdote has little to do with this outfit post, but it does explain my lengthy blog absence (I’ve been shopping this whole time, duh). I did manage to make it to the opening of H&M’s new Melbourne store this week at GPO, where I simultaneously managed to lose both my shit and a sickening amount of cash on cheap thrills.



{Coat - Topshop; Jeans - Sportsgirl; Top - Proenza Schouler; Bag - Fendi; Hat - Saint Laurent; Sneakers - Converse}

Melbourne is currently showing no signs of turning the heaters down anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about what I’d be wearing in the cool dusk of an Autumn day. In New York City. If I was a millionaire. And maybe blonde. Scandinavian even? Actually, this outfit itself is extremely affordable and I’m a firm believer in splurging on the important things – accessories! I am very excited to be embarking on a new journey in my career soon and I maaay be rewarding myself with something that I’ve been coveting for years – watch this space!



{Images via Pinterest, WeHeartIt & Tumblr}

I know I only recently managed to jet off to Thailand for a week, but I’m already dreaming of my next great escape. So many places to see, feel and experience and so little time! Does anyone else look at pictures like these and feel their heart race? Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be 100% fulfilled, but I guess that’s what pushes people to always strive for more. A good quality, I think.



{Images via They All Hate Us, Heart & Bleecker & Tumblr}

Typical. As the weather heats up here, my attention has naturally shifted to dressing for winter. Currently obsessing over pastel and blush shades of pink. They’re the perfect – and I hate using this word – “feminine” accent for girls who like to dress in a lot of black, grey and white. Is that first outfit not the most perfect? I want that coat bad. Also, besides white, this is my favourite colour for flowers. Pfft.. when did I get so girly?



I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe. There, I said it. I watch her show on repeat, never get tired of seeing her incredible outfits (honestly I prefer the way she dresses herself over her clients) and basically dream of being her when I grow up. I can think of no other single person in the world whose wardrobe inspires me more and that’s a big call coming from someone who stares at fashion all day, every day. Her style is classic, chic, pretty much monochromatic with a huge splash of gold bling, and very vintage-inspired. The absolute epitome of the word ‘glamorous’, it’s no wonder her home is equally as beautiful and luxurious and is what has also been inspiring me lately. I’ll take it all, please.