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February 2012

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February 22, 2012

{Dress – no name; Boots – New Look; Bag & Belt – vintage; Earrings – FAT}

A cheap and cheerful outfit in the dusk sun. These boots – which I picked up for just $69.95 from Payless Shoes – have fulfilled my desire for a Spice Girls-esque platform and chunky heel this season. I really wanted the Dolce Vitas, but these will do for now! And while I had sworn to myself that I would stop impulse buying, I couldn’t resist the playful polka dots and easy-to-wear monochrome palette of this super-cutesy dress. I guess I just have a thing for super-cutesy.

My new hair colour is continuing to play havoc with my sense of style, as there seems to be few things that red hair looks better with (vintage band tee’s, leather, black and white), even my favourite lipstick is no longer my fave. Oh well, I think it’s just a period of adjustment and there are plenty of redhead babes out there for me to look to for inspiration. In the meantime, do you like my new earrings? They were a Valentine’s Day gift from Chase and have grown on me very much. I hardly wear earrings but these have definitely made me re-consider.

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February 20, 2012

{Images by Candice Lake & Streetpeeper}

It bamboozles me that for the hundreds of photographers who flock to the stylish streets of New York during fashion week, there are so few fabulous street style photos circulating the web (and always at such tiny, un-bloggable resolution!). I’m playing catch up – well aware that we’re now halfway through London – but did spend awhile trawling for a handful of NYC shots that took my breath away. No one captures colour, light and movement the way that the ever-lovely Candice Lake does and Phil Oh aka Streetpeeper has such a way of shooting brilliant details to maximum effect. I love the runway show that occurs on the sidewalks, probably more than the ones that happen behind the exclusive closed doors.

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February 17, 2012

{Images via Song of Style}

Aimee from Song of Style continues to be one of my daily reads. She has an impressive ability to layer colours, textures and prints in a way that doesn’t make her look like a homeless person (I feel if I tried to replicate some of her looks, a homeless person would be a generous description of how I’d look). I’m sure it helps that she has legs that go forever – have you seen her wearing flat shoes? She still has supermodel pins! – but I’m absolutely smitten with Aimee’s personal style. Her constant collection of dazzling “arm swag” is also enviable, as is her ability to pull off such a natural, make-up free face. Flawless!



February 9, 2012

I am selling some bits and pieces on eBay right now – it’s time to change up my wardrobe a bit. Click on over here to see the rest of the collection, I will be adding more over the next few days as my culling gets more and more ruthless.



February 9, 2012

{Fedora Hat – Sportsgirl; Stripe Knit – The Row; White Blazer – Topshop; Bag – Chloe Medium “Paraty”; Sunglasses – Karen Walker; Boots – Dolce Vita; Jeans – sass & bide; Heels – Tony Bianco; Faux Fur Vest – Sportsgirl; Leather Biker Jacket – Topshop}

My current want list. I’m on a no-spending ban (well, except for one particular thing but more on that later) but it was fun to put this collage of dreams together anyway. Look at the mix and match possibilities! Throw in a sparkly mini-dress and probably one more layering top, and this would be my ideal capsule wardrobe. Since I dyed my hair red I’ve found myself gravitating towards dressing in pretty much strict black, white and grey every day and feeling a bit scared to wear any bright colours. I suppose it’s just because it’s so new and I haven’t worked out what hues and prints suit being a ginger. An asian ginger no less. Any thoughts?