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{New boots from Nasty Gal – Get them here!}

Gosh I love shiny new things and these boots from Nasty Gal definitely make me happy. When I first slipped them on I thought the heel might be a bit too high for everyday wear, but three days later, I have barely taken them off. I was looking for the perfect pair of everyday boots for my upcoming overseas trip and it looks like I’ve finally found my winners. My shoe addiction lives yet another day.


{Knit – Mossman Clothing; Velvet Leggings – homemade; Boots – Topshop; Clutch – no name}

This is my quintessential weekend comfort wear – which often trickles over into the weekdays too, when it’s cold and I’m feeling kind of slobbish (which is usually 7 days of the week). Since my job involves sitting at a computer for the most part, comfort is absolutely key.

I got my mum to whip these velvet leggings up several years ago and I only recently re-discovered them sitting in the back of my wardrobe. This Mossman knit has also proved itself to be quite the style saviour, as it’s warm and soft – but gives the illusion of being dressier than it is with its’ metallic sheen. I had the pleasure of shooting with Mossman over the weekend, for a special little collaboration, but more on that shortly.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead – happy Monday! x


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I have been in an uphill battle with a cold this week, hence a lack of blog posts. I’m excited to have joined the Tumblr train though so if you’d like to see the ridiculous amount of right-click-saves I have in my “Inspirations” folder, feel free to follow me here. I’m mainly inspired by beautiful interior design and travel photos that make my mind wander, but there is a good helping of fashion and furry animals in there too. 


 {Images: Alida Buffalo Winter 2012 Lookbook – “The Mystic Cowboys & The Boogie Sisters”}

Once again the creative genius of Alida Buffalo transcends time and place and takes me far into a world of daydreams, rock and roll glitter and 70s love-ins. There is something so magical about this lookbook and I want to be a part of it. I can hear the soundtrack playing when I look at these photos and it is somewhat reminiscent of my dream record collection. Kit Scholley always stays so true to her inspiring style and compromises nothing. As a result, I’m an awestruck teenager in love.


{Photos by Chase & I}

The Great Cat Head Roadtrip of 2012. We hit the road armed with a map in the shape of a cat’s head, a full tank of fuel and a couple of disposable cameras. We discovered gold prospecting, hidden creeks, motels straight from David Lynch’s twisted mind, farmers markets, wine, cheese and towns too small to even appear as a footnote on a map. A small glimpse of our travels as captured by one of life’s greatest mysteries -35mm film. We also got rather emotional when we reached the tip of our cat’s left ear – see the photo of the intersection of road. It was a strange accomplishment.