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May 31, 2012

{Clockwise from top-left: Scarf – Sportsgirl; Top – Topshop; Phone case – Sportsgirl; Face Mist – Natio; Books – “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman & “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” by Joan Didion; Sunglasses – Karen Walker; Travel Wallet – Mimco; Bag – Chloe; Boots – Topshop; Knit and Leggings – Sportsgirl}

So in the time I could have been packing an actual suitcase, I have been packing an imaginary one in Photoshop. Here is a fun little pretend ‘carry on’ luggage collection. It’s the way I picture myself travelling, while in reality I’m actually jetlagged, scruffy, with a blocked nose, sore ears and with an inflatable pillow attached to my neck. It’s dawning on me how soon I’m actually flying away and with all the events of recent times, I’m overwhelmed, anxious and incredibly tired. People have been saying that there really is no better time for me to be taking a holiday and I must say, I cannot wait to be tucked on that airplane with all of my problems left back here in the yesterday. First though, I need to tackle my ‘to do’ list and boy, it’s a long one.



May 25, 2012

{Images of Apple’s beautiful life via Tales of Endearment}

Hmmm.. as this blog is supposed to be a personal and honest reflection of who I am, I’m not going to lie. This has been the hardest week of my life. I have discovered that love is when you openly give somebody else the power to turn your whole world upside down. This can be for both good and bad. I was fortunate enough to experience three incredible years of the good (possibly the best) and am now experiencing the devastating flip side of the coin. It is, to be perfectly frank, soul destroying.

However with much to look forward to on the horizon, I felt compelled to share these stunning images of Apple’s (denim wear designer at ksubi) dreamy, globally-inspired home in Bondi. Magical.



May 23, 2012

BRB. Mending a broken heart. Regular programming will resume shortly. xx



May 17, 2012

{“9 Lives” by twenty-seven names}

I let out a very audible squeal and my heart started racing when the latest ‘twenty-seven names’ lookbook arrived in my inbox. Titled “9 Lives”, it’s as if someone peered into my mind and created my dream capsule wardrobe. It has everything: feminine pleating, relaxed tailoring, collar and ruffle details and OH DID I MENTION THE CAT PRINT? Just Look At Those Socks!

Everyone who knows me knows about my not-so-secret obsession with cats, and when you combine that with this collection of oh-so-London-inspired-cool, quirky mix of tomboy meets girly-girl, in my fave shades and silhouettes, words are (literally) failing me.

Once I recover from my minor heart attack, I’ll start a countdown as to when I can own it all (or at least some of it).

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May 14, 2012

{Not my chicest, but it was freezing. Vintage blouse, eBay vest, Topshop skirt & boots, Alexander Wang bag}

{Emma, Steph, Trish, Chow and Claire}

{Chow, myself and Alicia}

{Trish – who’s amazing photos I have hijacked for the majority of this post}

Thanks to the wonderful Phoebe at Lady Melbourne, I was invited to Nuffnang’s Fashionopolis, an event which brought together 150 local fashion bloggers to network and hear from a variety of key speakers, who discussed the changing landscape of fashion and digital media.

It was so enjoyable to catch up with a few of my favourite blogging friends and also finally get to meet some girls who I have known for years online, but never had the opportunity to actually meet until now. I also had no idea that there were so many fashion bloggers in Melbourne, it really is booming at the moment. As with all blogger-related events, there were plenty of cameras, photo moments and deliciously eye-pleasing treats.

Topics discussed throughout the day ranged from being your own brand, simple marketing tips and tricks, monetizing your blog and the relationship bloggers can have with brands and PR agencies. If anything, the discussions were insightful and interesting for both bloggers just starting out, to the more established ones.

Thank you Nuffnang for a great day and interstate girlies – please come back to visit soon!