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July 24, 2012

Image via Atlantic Pacific

Quick question. Am I the only one who looks at outfit photos like these and thinks, “When the heck is the weather cold enough to require a long sleeve denim shirt, a blazer and a wool coat – all at once, yet cold enough to warrant bare legs and open-toed heels?

Nonetheless, I am not immune to the irresistible charm of Atlantic Pacific. Clearly just getting too old and/or practical.



July 19, 2012

{Images from Interview Magazine – via Studded Hearts}

Well if it wasn’t already cemented that Mila Kunis is the one girl crush I’d turn for* then it totally is now.

*It was definitely already cemented. I say this every time I see her on TV or in a film no matter who I happen to be with at the time.

PS. On a sidenote, the wonderful Lauren interviewed me about my travels for Student Flights recently – check it out here.



July 18, 2012

 Images via WeHeartIt

This week I will wear nothing but cute vintage dresses, lace-up ankle boots and wool hats. I will listen to all my favourite records past and present, practise yoga and my music classes and read more. I will rest my constantly-churning mind and stop over-thinking. I will sleep less, but the slumber I do welcome will be filled with dreams. Internetland, I have had a lot going on but it’s nice to feel inspired.



July 11, 2012

{Images via Her Pony}

I first met Lauren, the designer behind Melbourne-based label “Her Pony” last year, when she had a stall at the market I used to co-run. I immediately fell in love with the vintage-inspired designs, in all their lace, tartan, peter pan collar glory. Her pieces were incredibly well-constructed, with delicate ribbon flourishes and gorgeous, flattering box pleating. They were the little girl party dresses I had always dreamed of – and finally, in adult sizes!

Lauren herself is strikingly gorgeous and is the epitome of everything her label represents. Her Pony has since expanded and grown at a rapid rate and has garnered a cult following of girls who like to keep it girly (we’re talking lots of florals, lace and pastel hues) and a little bit sexy (think low cut-out backs and flirtishly short skirts). The online store has officially just launched and you better get in quick, because everything is almost guaranteed to sell out in a heartbeat.

Oh, did I forget to mention the best bit? Every single Her Pony piece is lovingly handmade and only done in small runs – and I mean small, no more than 10 of each style. Lauren and her team of clever seamstresses even offer a “custom made” service where you can choose your favourite elements of the range and combine them into your dream outfit. I know.

My picks? I’m totally in love with the mod-style tartan dress and the matching shorts and jacket combo.



July 6, 2012

 {Images via Tumblr, Heart & Bleecker, We Heart It}

Feeling rather uninspired about fashion in general and the grey skies of winter right now. If there’s one thing I have a yearning for, it’s the cool breeze of freedom which makes both your hair and your heart flutter, and your lungs fill with so much oxygen you feel dizzy. Thank God it’s Friday.