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October 2012



October 30, 2012

{Kasia Struss for Flair Magazine’s November 2012 issue. Photography by Sebastian Kim, Styling by Melanie Huynh. Images via Oracle Fox}

Leather bound. Fur clad. Peekaboo lace. Sex appeal zippers. Heavy metal burnished embellishment. The spirit of brazen glam rock meets 70s bohemia in the latest editorial from Flair mag. Super stylist and one of my style crushes Melanie Huynh strikes gold yet again.

It’s a shame that such inspiring winter looks come steamrolling my way on 30 degree days. I am dying over those white zippered boots but right now what I really want is gelati.

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October 23, 2012

{T-shirt: Celine; Shorts – Topshop; Bag – Alexander Wang; Necklace – Diva; Watch: Michael Kors)

I had all the best intentions this week, and planned on finally doing an outfit post for this blog but then realised that somewhere between the past and the present, I lost the little thing that connects your camera to your tripod. You know the thing.

So instead I present to you a terribly composed awkwardly positioned photo of a headless me wearing my new favourite shorts – a little tapestry pair I bought at Topshop’s spring launch recently, which resemble the fabric you would find on your nana’s couch cushions. Delightful!

I’ll do better next time, promise.



October 15, 2012

Confession time = I am making an exception to the rule of ‘Cats I Know’ and featuring a friend who a) is not a cat lover – she much prefers dogs – and b) is a person I am yet to meet in person. But the thing about Lauren is that I can just tell we are kindred spirits and/or soul mates. Our love of all things bohemian, rock and roll and 70s is very much a bond that defies geographical boundaries. Not to mention she is the only person who has ever been able to articulate what the film ‘Almost Famous’ means to me.

Lauren is Brisbane-based and works full time as a travel writer for Flight Centre/Student Flights (hello, dream job alert) and also writes freelance fashion bits and pieces for The Vine and Broadsheet. You can also soon read her creative words in SPOOK magazine, for Ellery and All That Remains. She says her other main passions in life are watching ‘Parks and Recreation’ and eating cheese. (See! Soulmates!) She’s currently going through a full-blown fetta phase (Me too Lauren… me too).

  • In another life I was a mermaid.
  • If it was socially acceptable I would drape myself in velvet all the time.
  • I believe restaurants should just serve breakfast all day, every day.

  • Paris for the romance.
  • Tokyo for the adventure.
  • Vanuatu for the waterfalls.

  • Throughout my travels, some of the best vintage shopping I have found was in Brugge, a medieval town in Belgium.
  • Unexpectedly, I really loved Norfolk Island. I went there for work and loved it so much I went back there earlier this year with my mum. There’s a rawness to it that is so beautiful. It feels incredibly untouched and rugged.
  • Out of all the destinations I’ve written about, I’m dying to go to Mexico. I’ve done so much research and I’m really fascinated by their Cenotes. They look like the most magical places on earth.

  • “California Love” by Tupac and Dr. Dre
  • “Mary Please” by the Brian Jones Town Massacre
  • “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones

  • I think to date, nothing has beaten being able to interview Stephen Jones for
  • Actually, while it’s not strictly related to my career, having my career hero Tim Blanks tell me that I looked lovely and that it was ‘a perfect day to be wearing velvet’ was pretty surreal.
  • More recently, I was given the opportunity to channel my creative writing into writing the press release for Mania Mania’s upcoming collection, which was really exciting. There’s nothing better than being able to write for labels that you really connect with and believe in.

  • To be honest, I really don’t follow many blogs. I think because there are just so many and I find it difficult to come across ones with substance that are really engaging. The endless images kind of give me a headache. But one I am completely obsessed with is Stylelikeu. It’s just so pure and relates to what makes street style so fascinating, but then takes it to another level by having people discuss their style and their journey. It’s not about trends or selling anything and there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s just about showcasing personal creativity which to me is what fashion is all about.

  • Pens, coloured pencils and paper. Travel tends to really bring out my creative side. Particularly when there is a language barrier. I like to people watch and sketch at the same time.

  • Travel to the USA! I’ve been going through a huge West Coast phase for far too long now.
  • I’d also love to get published in a national glossy again – magazines are definitely not dead to me.
  • And I’ve promised myself that I will go to Australian Fashion Week next year. I’ve been absent for two years and there are so many people that I have been in contact with that I really want to meet.

You can follow Lauren’s delightful work here on her website.



October 12, 2012

{Miranda Kerr for Vogue Italia, images via}

I don’t know Miranda. Not hot enough. Needs more sex appeal.

No, but really – what is this?! I go from thinking Miranda Kerr is all just goji berries, expensive skin care products and higher-than-thou yoga (I do like yoga though) and all of a sudden I’m like, “STOP BEING SO AMAZING MIRANDA KERR!”

But seriously, I want to look this smouldering as a platinum blonde (I don’t. I once played Sandy in a low-budget community production of ‘Grease’, which was just as laughably painful as it sounds). I also wish I looked this smouldering pants-less. BRB – going to practise pants-less pose.



October 11, 2012

{Pamela Love’s collaboration with Nine West, images via Studded Hearts}

And so this leads us to yet another chapter of things I wish I could buy, but ultimately cannot. Sometimes this is a result of literally not having enough money (at nearly 26 years old and with nothing but my wardrobe and a little furball cat to my name, this area needs serious self-improvement) – and sometimes fate intervenes and says, “ENOUGH SAM SIDNEY! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”. Since Nine West’s collaboration with one of my style crushes Pamela Love is not available outside the US, I think this is one of those latter situations where fate has simply come onboard for the greater good of my financial situation.

But back to the collab… How good is it?! This is a rhetorical question, because you surely by now, know how good it is. The little steel cap toes, the metal heel details, the “just hopped off my horse in a spaghetti western” feel.. oh, it’s got me hook, line and sinker (or should that be “lassoed”?). I honestly think a pair of these boots would go with every single item of clothing I own… just sayin’.