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November 29, 2012

{Top & Necklace – Dotti; Shorts – c/o Gingerbread Shop; Flower crown – Sportsgirl; Shoes – H&M; Bag – Alexander Wang}

I guess it’s batshit busy for absolutely everyone at this time of year and when you’re as obsessed with Christmas crafting as I am, it becomes a nightmare. A sticky, hot-glue-gun-everywhere, sequins-in-my-hair nightmare. Hence, the lack of blog posts lately as I have been fairly occupied with turning my house into a paper winter wonderland. I wish I was kidding. So does my housemate.

When I’m not busy being a loser, I sometimes do other stuff! Last week we headed to the J Awards and my pal Jacqui snapped this pic on the way. A fairly traditional outfit for me – my failsafe for hot days is a singlet, shorts and a pair of wedges. I picked this pair up from H&M for like 9 euros, and every summer they get a good run. I’ll probably cry the day they are no longer wearable.

Fashion, Outfit Posts


November 16, 2012

{Dress – vintage; Belt – Sportsgirl; Ring – Meadowlark; Watch – Michael Kors}

Before we talk about this marshmallow pink delight of a vintage frock, can we please stop and have a moment for my even more delightful orange friend Claude? He is one of my cats who lives with my parents and I only get to see him a couple of times a week. He’s still my favourite boy in the world (sorry boyfriend), and has been through everything with me so I like to think of him as my confidante. Here is a list of Claude’s favourite things to do:

  • Annoy Chloe (the other cat in the house)
  • Eat prawns
  • Headbutt things (often me)
  • Rest his head on anything lying around as it’s too heavy for him to hold up
  • Sleep on his back

Anyway, I was at Abbotsford Convent a little while ago catching up with friends, when, like moths drawn to a flame, we somehow stumbled upon a vintage sale in one of the tucked away rooms. Madness ensued and I managed to pick up several dresses, including this one  – which I finally shortened last weekend and it has since become a favourite of mine. As I tend to do with any overtly feminine outfits, I paired it with chunky boots and black accessories to try and toughen it up a bit. Sorry for the really frizzy hair, srsly bad hair day.

Photos by Jacqui Sidney.

Fashion, Outfit Posts


November 12, 2012

{Please click on images to view them larger}

{Blouse & Shorts – Her Pony; Ring – Meadowlark; Brooch – Twenty Seven Names; Watch – Michael Kors; Hat & Shoes – Sportsgirl; Bag – Vintage}

Here is the first look I put together wearing pieces from the new Her Pony collection. It’s actually exactly the same as the way the pieces were styled in the lookbook (except I replaced the super cool cap that I am definitely not hip enough to get away with, with my ‘Madeleine’-esque straw hat) but I figured if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After self-consciously standing around my parent’s backyard exploiting the fact their garden is currently in bloom, I decided that if I had to only wear one label for the rest of my life, this would be the one. And yes, one of my favourite games to play ever, besides “Words With Friends” is “What if?” and I often play it alone, in my head.

This limited edition horse print blouse is totally adorable and adds a new type of fauna to my wardrobe full of cats. I’ve already worn it with jeans, a leather skirt and denim shorts and it’s suited all occasions perfectly. I cannot say I have ever been the little girl who dreamt of horses and read ‘The Saddle Club’ religiously, but I really do like adorning myself in animal prints.

I also like adorning myself in white because there is something about making it through a whole day wearing the shade that makes me feel like I have achieved something great and am a worldly woman of class and sophistication (ha!). This feeling usually disappears when I trip over in flat shoes or my hat blows off my head in the wind and finds its way under a car’s tires (true story) but it’s nice while it lasts.

I should also give credit to my sister here for taking these photos of me (and withstanding my impatience and temper, which flares up often when I’m trying to take a good photo) and of course, Her Pony, for the beautiful clothes. Make sure you enter the giveaway below to win a lovely lemon frock!

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November 7, 2012

{Dress: Supre; Hat: Vintage; Socks: American Apparel; Bag: Puss & Pooch; Watch: Michael Kors; Boots: Rubi}

I have a whole section of my wardrobe dedicated to dresses that all look the same (vintage or vintage-inspired, lace, usually white or cream, often have peter pan collars or pussy bows) and this is the latest addition, a $10 find when rummaging for basics and trackies at the Supre outlet. But can we please stop and talk about my new overnight bag please?! It is tapestry, enormous and has dozens of little kitties all over it (I attempted but lost count). In other words = dream bag. If it wasn’t so ridiculously impractically oversized, I would take it with me everywhere. Preferably with my cat Indiana inside.



November 5, 2012

I’ve talked up my love of Melbourne boutique label ‘Her Ponybefore, so I am sure you guys can understand how excited I am to have teamed up with the designer Lauren to bring you a pretty awesome giveaway. It’s to celebrate the release of the brand new summer collection, full of feminine lace, sweet-as-pie frocks, hyper tie-dye and all of the dreaminess you can come to expect of the label. Want some proof? Here are some of my favourite looks from the new range:

Dreamy right? Before we get onto the giveaway though, I caught up with Lauren while she was in transit from Bali to Melbourne to bring you the next installment of ‘Cats I Know’. Lauren is one of those effortlessly chic girls (you know the ones you pass on the street and do a double take because they just radiate that something special) – and her label is an extension of her own personality and style. I asked her to “finish the sentence” and this is what she came back to me with…

My name is … Lauren … and I am a … Melbourne born, sewing obsessed, clothing addict / hoarder.
My label is called “Her Pony” because … like most little girls I dreamt of having my own pony… I don’t have one yet but maybe one day!
I started it because … of a chance meeting. I showcased a couple of garments for fun in a charity fashion show one night and was approached by a buyer! At this point I had only been making clothes for my friends and myself so it was a very exciting moment.
Her Pony is all about … creating beautiful limited edition and bespoke garments that are unique and feminine.
When I was a child I used to dream about … becoming an equestrian show jumper … because … I loved the preppy riding uniform.
My dream day would involve … sleeping in, shopping and sunshine!
The most important thing in a girl’s wardrobe is … the perfect pair of heels and a little white dress.
My favorite piece in this season’s collection is … the Mila Hawaii print pants … because … I love anything high waisted and the print is amazing!
When I’m not busy designing up a storm, you can find me … chilling in Bali, or out and about in Melbourne hunting vintage fabrics and treasures.
My favourite place in Melbourne is … Madame Brussels in the summertime for a jug of Pimms!

And now, the most exciting part! Lauren is kindly offering a Style Paws reader their very own lemon yellow ‘Flora’ dress (as above). Available in sizes 6 – 14, this delightful little number is the perfect summer frock and part of the brand new ‘Her Pony’ collection.


1. Like the Her Pony Facebook page here
(Psst.. you may want to like the Style Paws one too!)

2. Comment here with your name, e-mail address and tell me where or to what occasion would you want to rock your new Her Pony dress?

The giveaway closes on Wednesday 21st of November. Good luck! x

Coming soon I will be posting a photoshoot showing you how I like to wear my favourite pieces from the collection so stay tuned! You can shop ‘Her Pony’ and find a full list of stockists here.