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I art directed and also starred screamed in British India’s latest video clip for their song “Blinded”. You can check out the finished clip here. Super proud of everyone’s amazing work and hope you enjoy.


I understand that this blog is beginning to sound like a Brag Book, where I’m literally only talking about my work achievements. So on that note, I’ve been included in Kickstart’s 30 Under 30 in the Fashion category, which is all kinds of weird awesomeness that I don’t really feel qualified for but shhhh, let’s keep that on the DL.



I’ve been pretty MIA from the land of blogging for the last few months, preferring to enjoy getting lost in other people’s worlds for the time being and frankly, being too busy with work-related writing commitments to even feel like sifting through my brain to try and jot down my thoughts. This week is an exciting one though, as the magazine I have poured countless hours into has finally hit stores.


Long time no post, but just wanted to quickly share the new video clip by British India for “Plastic Souvenirs” that I helped film and produce. It’s my favourite song off their album ‘Controller’ and was a lot of fun to shoot.


My computer filing system is practically non-existent. Here is today’s image dump, all of which I have found at some point where I’ve been caught in a tumblr black hole. These sorts of black holes are dangerous to my mind, body and mostly bank account.