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Style Crushing

Style Crushing


September 5, 2012

{Images via: Stockholm Street Style, Tumblr, Net-a-Porter & Google Image}

Ah French girls. You know the look. The one that’s pretty much 98% impossible to nail without actually hailing from France, having a ridiculously attractive accent and having grown up surrounded by the home of beautiful art, cinema and couture fashion. You know the look I’m talking about. Unbelievably silky long hair, what appears to be not a single hint of make-up, classic lines, clean silhouettes and of course, a tres magnifique designer handbag on arm.. ring any bells…*cough* Charlotte Gainsbourg? Carine Roitfeld?

Stylist and editor Melanie Huynh epitomises this perfect Parisien look so it’s no wonder she is a favourite for the style snappers – and for me personally. Elegant, elevated, timeless, never OTT – I am seriously in swoonsville.

Style Crushing


February 17, 2012

{Images via Song of Style}

Aimee from Song of Style continues to be one of my daily reads. She has an impressive ability to layer colours, textures and prints in a way that doesn’t make her look like a homeless person (I feel if I tried to replicate some of her looks, a homeless person would be a generous description of how I’d look). I’m sure it helps that she has legs that go forever – have you seen her wearing flat shoes? She still has supermodel pins! – but I’m absolutely smitten with Aimee’s personal style. Her constant collection of dazzling “arm swag” is also enviable, as is her ability to pull off such a natural, make-up free face. Flawless!

Style Crushing


February 1, 2012

{Images via – Fashion Vibe}

And this is why I can’t wait for AW12 collections to start touching down in stores. Zina from Fashion Vibe is the epitome of a perfect, classic European winter with just enough edgy accessories to keep it 100% on-trend. I’m sorry for the mass photo inundation but once I started saving pics I just couldn’t stop. I pretty much just saved every look she has posted for the last couple of months. Stalker much?

Things I need now: perfect shaggy furs, wax coated skinnies, way more ankle boots, glittery pumps, everything currently in Zara, a Balenciaga bag and much thinner legs.