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{Image via Free People blog}

Whenever you feel like the world is weighing down on your shoulders, step outside the back (or front door) of your house at night and stare at the moon.

Not only is it actually one of the most beautiful things you can possibly be looking at, but nothing makes you feel more insignificant and small as staring into an infinite sky.

Suddenly your problems seem less important and your day-to-day stresses – which are no doubt real, genuine stresses – are not as amplified as they were at 4.30pm when you were staring at the clock on your computer, wishing that the day would just hurry up and end. Things like finally getting around to giving your folks a call or not wasting your entire night on the couch are put into perspective.

The gradients of the night sky and the glittering sparkles that dot it make me think about all kinds of existential bullshit, but sometimes that’s exactly what you didn’t realise you needed to be thinking about.

It’s not about wanting to go out and fix all the world’s problems, or even just seize the day – both which are of course, admirable objectives. Rather, it’s just about being forced to pause, take that deep breath, and think about the entire universe that revolves around you (but not in the way that you know, “you think the universe revolves around you”).

Consider the moon as the glowing, wondrous, curiosity-sparking full stop that you need before you can properly start your next sentence. La luna.


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Oh, winter. I miss you. Chunky knits in super cosy fabrics, a monochrome palette with hints of moody berries, plum and emerald. Wool hats, scarves, furs, splices of leather – and of course, a shoe cupboard full of to-die-for boots. It’s no secret I’m hanging out for the cooler months – I just love winter…