Sam Sidney Style Paws DFO Shopper of the Year 2014 competition

{Pants - Veronica Maine at Cue; Shirt - Cotton On; Clogs - Windsor Smith; Hat - Forever New; Clutch - Kate Hill; Necklace & Rings: Equip; Photos by Jacqui Tzaras}

So if you had $200 and only 45 minutes, what outfit would you style? This is exactly what DFO’s Shopper of the Year competition is all about. I entered on a whim and made it to the semi-finals where we were all let loose to run around the mall like a bunch of crazy people, literally pulling on items and clothes and sprinting from store to store, before reporting back to be judged by some of the team at Bauer mags.

This is what I managed to pull together in the 45 minutes we were given – time, which may I add, absolutely flew by. I was pretty stoked to find these incredible wide-leg pants at Cue, the last pair, which miraculously happened to be my size. I didn’t really have a plan or trend in mind, but somehow ended up looking like I might just step off the stage and onto my yacht. A sunny clutch finished this transeasonal look, plus some yellow gold accessories.

I may not have won, but I sure did have fun thinking on my feet and seeing what the other contestants pulled together. One point was definitely proven and that is you can actually find an entire outfit head-to-toe and still have some coin left in the bank. Win!



{Hat - Lack of Color; Sunglasses - Karen Walker; Skirt - Josh Goot; Hand balm - Aesop; Choker - Calvin Klein; Knit - Banjo & Matilda; Boots - Senso; Top - Ellery; Bag - Proenza Schouler; Watch - Michael Kors}

Now that the freezing cold has well and truly set in here in Melbourne, I’m finding getting out of bed in the mornings incredibly difficult. It’s just no fun to drive to work in the dark and arrive home at night in the dark. If it wasn’t for cat snuggles, electric blankets and copious amounts of tea and red wine, I’d really be loathing these wintery months.

One other thing that always gets me through though is beautiful winter fashion. Contrasting monochromes, soft fluffy layers toughened up with leather and hardware, structured silhouettes teamed with statement accessories and plenty of heavy metal, ooh it has me swooning.

Here are just a few of the many, many delicious offerings at David Jones right now that I would not mind having in my wardrobe. It would definitely make that early morning start a little bit easier knowing I had these items to wear!


Style Paws What's In My Beauty Bag

One of my favourite types of blog posts is always having a good snoop into what other girls use in their beauty routines, so I thought I’d share a few of my every day must-have favourites. Working in the beauty retail industry, this is definitely not everything I own – by a long shot – but it does pretty much cover my average routine.

Plus, thanks to my friends at Suvana Organic, I have a little giveaway for you guys!


Style Paws Sam Sidney Amy Whitfield Maddie O'Gorman Band Photo

{Photos taken by Suzanne Bunn - Post-production by Amy Whitfield}

Oh, so hey guys – on the weekend we started a band. Er, not quite. But you’d be forgiven for thinking so when you see these photos. I’d been eyeing off my boyfriend’s band’s pretty amazing studio for quite some time, so when the guys went away, the girls couldn’t help but play. With the assistance of some sweet tunes and some of our favourite vintage dress-ups, British Indiettes was born. Good way to spend a day… highly recommend. Special thanks to my lovely friends Amy, Maddie and Bunn (and of course British India too).



{Image via Free People blog}

Whenever you feel like the world is weighing down on your shoulders, step outside the back (or front door) of your house at night and stare at the moon.

Not only is it actually one of the most beautiful things you can possibly be looking at, but nothing makes you feel more insignificant and small as staring into an infinite sky.

Suddenly your problems seem less important and your day-to-day stresses – which are no doubt real, genuine stresses – are not as amplified as they were at 4.30pm when you were staring at the clock on your computer, wishing that the day would just hurry up and end. Things like finally getting around to giving your folks a call or not wasting your entire night on the couch are put into perspective.

The gradients of the night sky and the glittering sparkles that dot it make me think about all kinds of existential bullshit, but sometimes that’s exactly what you didn’t realise you needed to be thinking about.

It’s not about wanting to go out and fix all the world’s problems, or even just seize the day – both which are of course, admirable objectives. Rather, it’s just about being forced to pause, take that deep breath, and think about the entire universe that revolves around you (but not in the way that you know, “you think the universe revolves around you”).

Consider the moon as the glowing, wondrous, curiosity-sparking full stop that you need before you can properly start your next sentence. La luna.