A new year really does bring a lot of pressure. Usually self-induced, but I find it almost impossible to start the year without putting together a mental list of things I’d like to achieve, better or change. Whether I actually achieve any of these things is another story all together, but at least I try… right?



{Bag - Saint Laurent; Clogs - Windsor Smith; Pants - Sportsgirl; Camisole - Topshop; Hat - Maison Michel; Necklace - Witchery}

If I was to describe how I’d like my summer to look in an outfit – this would be it. A little bit earthy and flowy with classic elements borrowed from Saint Laurent and a really easy, comfortable silhouette. I am all about the comfort factor. I know you can’t predict the future, but I really feel if I was wearing this outfit, it might be the best summer ever.



{Christmas wrap & trim via Typo and various $2 stores}

My first post on my newly designed blog, and it’s about Christmas wrapping? Yeah, it does seem a little strange to me too. Nonetheless, here I am, here is the new blog and I’m pretty excited to be able to share things (even as menial as gift wrap) with you guys again.



{Images via Markus Lupfer SS14}

I’ve just re-discovered this lookbook, which I have had saved on my computer for awhile. It’s pretty obvious that I’ll be smitten with any designer that features a copious amount of cats (*cough* twenty seven names) and Markus Lupfer is no exception. I’ve been obsessed with his crazy iconic pop-art style sequinned knits for ages and this collection takes that obsession to the next level. The ridic adorable real life kittens don’t hurt either.



I art directed and also starred screamed in British India’s latest video clip for their song “Blinded”. You can check out the finished clip here. Super proud of everyone’s amazing work and hope you enjoy.