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April 22, 2014

Vintage hair inspiration and tutorials by Style Paws for GHD

{Photos by the amazing Amy Whitfield; pastel styler by ghd}

As a person with dead straight hair, I’ve never really considered a ghd styler/straightener in my regime before. However after being invited to check out ghd’s new Hairstyle Inspiration section on their website, I realised I have definitely been missing out!

So with the help of my amazing friend Amy, we decided we would share with you a couple of our favourite vintage-inspired hair dos, both which utilise our new BFF the ghd. I was lucky enough to receive this bad boy in my favourite pastel mint shade, which really does make it the most fashionable of accessories! As you’re about to see, Amy and I are by no means hair experts – but believe me, these are fun and super easy ‘dos that will have you feeling a little bit Priscilla Presley in no time.

LOOK 1: 

1. Start with day old hair – everything is easier with day old hair! I usually have a very thick and full fringe but for this style I like to part it in the centre and sweep it to the sides. Seems more 70s that way.

2. Separate a layer of hair around the crown and backcomb the absolute shiznit out of the underneath section. The top section will be used to hide the teased mess later. Go crazy. And use enough hairspray to cause a serious OHS threat.

3. Looking like a train wreck? Good!

4. Take that top layer of hair that is still neat and pin it over the top to create a half up/half down effect with bobby pins. It should be nice and boofy but still smooth. It’s all about getting height.

5. The fun part! Heat up your ghd straightener and grab small sections of hair with it. Treat it like a curling iron, wrapping hair around and pulling it through in a slow and steady motion. The idea is to create nice loose big waves.

6. Ta da! I also used the ghd on my fringe and then set it all in place with more hairspray. You can mess this look up a bit too by running your fingers through the curls to make it look a little more rock chick dishevelled.


1. Again, start with day-old hair if possible!

2. Divide your hair into two sections, a top section and a bottom. We’re going to use the ghd this time to create waves that will assist in giving the style volume. Curl the bottom layer of hair first before doing the top layer.

3. Spray the crap out of it to help set the curls in place.

4. Then move onto the next step, destroying these curls with plenty of backcombing and teasing.

5. Once you’ve finished backcombing all the underneath sections, smooth over the hair and give yourself a side part, and then pin all your hair towards the opposite side to your part at the back. You’re creating a loose side bun with beehive-worthy volume!

6. Be sure to leave out a couple of ringlets and curl them again if needed.

Then just throw on your fave party dress, big heels and faux fur and channel your fave vintage icons!

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