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November 14, 2015

Style Paws Festival Fashion Boohoo

{Top & Skirt – Boohoo; Boots – Tony Bianco; Hat – Bershka}

Summer to me means a lot of things; beers on rooftops, road trips down the peninsula, sleeping with the fan on, the scent of fake tan… and it also means festivals! And of course, one of my favourite things – festival fashion. So when Boohoo asked if I’d like to put together an ideal festival style outfit for their #WeAreUs campaign, I couldn’t stop at just one.

Here are two rather different festival style looks – one with a cliched boho look that I couldn’t resist because um, HELLO. LOOK AT THAT DRESS. I instantly fell in love with it’s 70s inspired print, deep V neckline and flared sleeves. The other is something a bit more casual, with an (again) vintage inspired A-line shape skirt with cute button up front, plus what must be the top of the moment – the off-shoulder gypsy blouse. And neither of these looks is relegated simply to the stomping grounds of a music festival, I will definitely be taking the dress out for a night on the town, and the denim ensemble is quickly becoming my new uniform.

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January 14, 2015


Brought to you by Dr. Lewinn’s

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Make-up is one of the first things I notice about a person. I guess, just like your outfit, it can speak volumes about who you are. So when the team at Dr.Lewinn’s asked me about personal discovery, I thought this would be the perfect thing!

For the longest time, my beauty look has been pretty unchanged – long hair, long fringe, exaggerated cat-eye eyeliner and the occasional pop colour lip…



I think it’s probably the association with rock and roll, the 60s and 70s and the timelessness of this look that I love so much. When I think of teased hair and smoky eyes, I instantly think sequins, leather and lace, late nights and loud music. I think of everyone from Brigitte Bardot and Anna Karina to Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller. All ultra glam goddesses with that little bit – or lot of – edge.

It was definitely when I was growing up and flicking through the pages of magazines and watching old movies that I saw these style icons and instantly knew that was who I wanted to channel.

Though I’ve worn this look (and not with nearly the same amount of glamour nor edge) since I can remember, over time I have definitely worked on finessing the application! (And I cringe when I look at photos of 15-year-old panda-eyed me).

It’s probably only since I have gotten older that I’ve realised the importance of a) purchasing quality products over quantity, and b) looking after yourself. Good skin is literally the foundation to a good beauty regime. Now I always take the time to cleanse, moisturise, sunscreen and prime, before I even apply the first lick of makeup.



Before bed it’s a similar routine. I ensure all of the day’s makeup and grime is removed and a night eye cream, night moisturiser and serum are all applied. After all, it’s during the night that your skin rejuvenates cells the most. Plus, I want to be one of those ridiculous women who have amazing skin, even at 90.

When people see a beautiful woman, what is one of the most common things they will comment on? “Oh, she just glowed!”

I may not be glowing just yet, but when you have the right base, all you need is a touch of foundation, a dab of highlighter and a flick of liquid eyeliner and you have yourself one pretty impactful look. Oh, and looking like Alexa Chung doesn’t hurt.


Thanks to my friends at skincare brand Dr. Lewinn’s, you can have the chance to try their beautiful product FREE for yourself. Click here for more details.