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August 12, 2015


{Overalls – MRP}

I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am that spring is finally seeping it’s way into the air. As much as I adore heavy knits, layering and the simplicity of winter’s neutral colour palettes, it’s also so nice to see sunlight on my way to work and to see flowers beginning to bloom. When I spotted all of these beautiful cherry blossoms in my neighbourhood, I knew I had to snap a few pics.

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July 20, 2015


{Boots – Wittner; Dress – Homemade; Jacket – Sportsgirl}

Introducing my favourite boots of the season (and also a tiny glimpse into the only currently tidy area of my home). Anyone who knows me would know I have a serious addiction to little black ankle boots. I have at least 12 pairs that all kind of look the same, but I know they’re different. After being the lucky winner of a Wittner Instagram comp, I was allowed to pick out a tall pair of boots, something different for me, and I couldn’t go past these bad boys.

In these pics, I have paired them with a dress I made and my fave winter jacket (fluffy, of course) from Sportsgirl. The great thing I have found about above-the-knee boots is a) they’re super warm! and b) they can look dressed up or you can just wear them over jeans or leather skinnies too.

PS. Hi Beatles!





Photos by Jacqui Sidney

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February 3, 2015


{Pants – Sportsgirl;  Tank – Vintage; Kimono – Supre; Necklace – Sportsgirl; Boots – Wittner}

Photos by my favourite Amy’s (Whitfield & Toohey)

If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life on repeat, it would possibly be something along these lines (although of course, ask my on any other day, and my answer would most likely change). Bell bottom flares, a drapey kimono complete with twirling-fun fringing and a vintage tank that pays homage to one of my all-time favourite bands, Fleetwood Mac.

Amy and I snapped these pics ever-so quickly before a gig at the Prince of Wales, we were a little hypnotised by the electric bright wall of pinks and oranges. We were both wearing our favourite flares, just another sign we’re sisters from other mister’s (who clearly both belong in another era).




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April 5, 2014

Style Paws H&M shirt and skirt Alexander Wang bag

{Shirt, Skirt & Jacket –  H&M Australia; Bag – Alexander Wang; Boots – Wittner; Watch – Michael Kors}

I recently started a new job and with it came the sudden realisation that absolutely nothing I owned was suitable for the work environment. Slight exaggeration. However having previously worked in the world’s most casual studio, it was a pleasant surprise to realise that some casual pieces can really translate well into Office Mode. Did this stop me from rushing out to Zara and Witchery et al for “emergency supplies”? Of course not! I’m never going to turn down an excuse to shop…

Anyway, that little anecdote has little to do with this outfit post, but it does explain my lengthy blog absence (I’ve been shopping this whole time, duh). I did manage to make it to the opening of H&M’s new Melbourne store this week at GPO, where I simultaneously managed to lose both my shit and a sickening amount of cash on cheap thrills.

Style Paws Alexander Wang Bag H&M Skirt Jacket Shirt

Style Paws H&M Shirt Skirt Faux Fur Jacket Alexander Wang Bag

For those of you who are wondering – H&M Australia lived up to it’s hype and exceeded it for me. I picked up this denim chambray shirt for a measly $29.95 and this faux leather skirt for $27.95. The faux fur jacket looks like the same sort of one you’d pick up on the high street for around $150, but only set me back $79.95… Where previous international retailers let us down by comparatively hiking up the prices once they hit our shores, H&M have stayed true to their word and definitely over-delivered.

The GPO building itself is a beautiful, white wonderland and has been transformed into a literal fast fashion heaven. It’s enormous and you could easily spend hours in there. I particularly loved the homewares section and managed to find some beautiful 100% linen doona sets in light grey and pink for just $79.95.

Anyway, this past six months has been a time of immense change in my life to say the least. More on that soon though. x

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February 6, 2014

{Coat – Topshop; Jeans – Sportsgirl; Top – Proenza Schouler; Bag – Fendi; Hat – Saint Laurent; Sneakers – Converse}

Melbourne is currently showing no signs of turning the heaters down anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about what I’d be wearing in the cool dusk of an Autumn day. In New York City. If I was a millionaire. And maybe blonde. Scandinavian even? Actually, this outfit itself is extremely affordable and I’m a firm believer in splurging on the important things – accessories! I am very excited to be embarking on a new journey in my career soon and I maaay be rewarding myself with something that I’ve been coveting for years – watch this space!