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March 9, 2016

Style Paws Melbourne Fashion Blog

So after what feels like the longest – yet shortest – hiatus of all time, here I am providing an update on everything Style Paws. For the two of you who may keep up to date with my life, I’m sure Instagram has filled you in, but regardless, a new year (um, hello March) means I am raring and ready to get back on this fashion blog bandwagon. Good habits die hard, or something.

“What have you been up to?” I hear absolutely nobody ask. That’s a great question. I quit my fun full-time job, started a business, and have been hustling like a crazy woman ever since. I’ve been contributing to the amazing website The Cusp, sponsoring things like the Melbourne Business Awards and spending a lot of time on LinkedIn. Is it exhausting? Yes. Am I happy? Superbly!

Why the change?

Well, honestly, it’s been on the cards since – forever. And I started to get itchy feet towards the mid-later half of 2015, where whilst working away in Priceline’s marketing team was fun – it certainly wasn’t what I intended on doing for the rest of my entire life. I longed for freedom, flexible hours and the ability to talk to my cat Indi all day. Why use up all your creativity energy, your enthusiasm, your mental capacity… on someone else’s dream? I certainly didn’t want to live the corporate life forever. So, I thought I’d register a business name, get a website up, start putting the feelers out there and before I knew it, I had been offered a client that would definitely need more love than I could offer whilst still working full-time. So I resigned! Voila, here we are today. A few more clients later, I’m certainly not living the high life (businesses = expensive) but I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

Which now means.. I have more time to focus on other projects I love – like my poor, neglected Style Paws. So hello there, it’s nice to be back!