September 24, 2012

There is something so awkwardly self-involved about having a style blog. It makes me cringe so much my ribs hurt sometimes, usually when I’m sifting through my camera looking for the most aesthetically-pleasing, flattering photo of myself to spread across the internet like the attention-whore I deep down fear I am, or when I’m worrying about whether the fashion industry is sucking my soul dry.*

I was planning to do an outfit post “photoshoot” (a term I use lightly) over the weekend when all these self-questioning thoughts started overwhelming me and I suddenly chickened out.

I’m not sure why I’m telling you about my most inward fears about the psychological complexities of blogging, but it sure makes an unusual introduction to what is – and I’m not sure if this is more or less self-involved than an outfit post – a small glimpse into my wardrobe and some of my favourite recent acquisitions.

The rate at which I acquire ‘new things’ is alarming at the best of times, but I like to put it down to the fact I work in online fashion marketing, and really, what can I expect? Shopping is… part of my job. Not really, but you know. That’s how I sleep at night. I’m certainly not blowing disproportionate, ugly amounts of cash on designer duds – I’m actually super thrifty – but what can I say? I like clothes. I’m also nosy by nature. I enjoy stealing peeks at people’s personal environments, and maybe you will too. So onwards!

{Left to right: Crochet Dress from Nasty Gal; Pearl beaded dress from Topshop; Embellished Shrug from Camberwell Markets}

{Left: Mint lace top from H&M; Pale pink shorts from Bardot / My bedside table}

{Mixed jewellery, Michael Kors watch, Chanel & Chloe perfumes; twenty-seven names brooch; “Sweet pea” Diptyque candle; postcards of cats that I bought in Paris; a collection of stories I will eventually read}

{My wardrobe rainbow}

{My personal stylist and best friend, Indi}

{Hats, shoes & necklaces currently on high rotation}

{My favourite vintage tee’s. All on their last legs but I refuse to let them go… ever}

*It’s not.

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